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We know we are doing a good job for clients when they start introducing us to their children to make sure that plans are seamlessly implemented if something were to happen to them. To work with parents, children, and in some cases the grandchildren is fulfilling.

Gib McEachranPresident

There’s nothing more rewarding than a couple coming into our offices after working for 40 years ready to put our plans and years of hard work into action.

Gib McEachranPresident

Because I’m surrounded by such a smart and experienced staff, I never have to worry about how well our clients are being taken care of. With close to 50 years of experience between the three, there is very little they haven’t seen. Servicing you during the best of times or the worst like 2001 or 2008, we have seen it all.

Gib McEachranPresident

Being able to say that a vast majority of our clients have become our friends makes us even more determined to perform our best.

Gib McEachranPresident

Developing relationships with our clients is why we get up in the morning. Yes…managing money is part of what we do. More importantly, we are creating something that allows couples to fulfill what they’ve talked about their entire lives.

Gib McEachranPresident

Benjamin Franklin said, “Well done is better than well said.”  In other words, actions speak louder than words.  Using the knowledge I’ve gained in over 30 years in the securities business, my goal is to provide HMC clients with proactive and personal client service, every single day.

Diane ParmeleCRPC®, AWMA®, Director of Client Operations

Investing in today’s world is both hard and scary for many people. We understand that with 24 hour news fear drives both individuals and markets. We see our job as planners who will both filter and understand the significance of the news and then use that to help our clients be at ease on how it affects their planning. We are always looking ahead and reviewing the plans we make with our clients,watching the road to help them achieve their goals.

John W. Hardy, Jr.Vice-President

One of my favorite things is to sit down with our clients and teach them how to use Social Media.  This is just one of the services we provide for our clients.  It is so rewarding to watch them learn and see how happy they are when they can keep in contact through Facebook or Twitter with their children and grandchildren.

Kathy ClarkDirector of Corporate Operations

The chance to become friends with our clients over the years is one of our greatest rewards. Yes, we often times need to earn that right and prove ourselves over time. But, with hard work, solid service, and attention to our clients’ needs that is what has happened with the vast majority of our clients. That is a good feeling and one we take seriously here at HMC.

John W. Hardy, Jr.Vice-President

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