Gib's Gone Hunting!

December afforded me the ability to get away to Montana where I am a part of a land lease for waterfowl hunting. Joining me for the first leg of the trip were John and Steve Sears from Barron’s magazine and who you heard on our radio show for many years. Through all of these years, the three of us had never met.  We all had a great time together talking markets, hunting and families and Steve is a pretty darned good hunter. The hunting in the first part of the trip was very cold (0 to -15 degrees), but good. Each day, we shot plenty of geese and ducks, but wished for our dogs. Flying that far in cold weather is too much stress for both owner and dog. Steve and John left after a few days, and I was alone to face the wilderness with no Sports Center, CNBC or college football.  Now that was roughing it!!! I had a wonderful time being in charge many of my own hunts which meant I had no one to blame but me if things didn’t go well. As you can see by the pictures, we had tremendous success and reduced the numbers of geese that might decide to settle in our area parks or country clubs!

The only real downer to the trip was my son, Gibbs, couldn’t join me on this trip as his flight to MT was cancelled because of the inclement weather here when we had the big snow fall. The temperature in MT warmed to close to 40 degrees and the geese and ducks were everywhere! 

My special thanks to John and our staff for allowing me the freedom of time to spend chasing one of my passions, waterfowl hunting. The relaxation of hunting in MT helps bring the centering I need to come back to HMC Partners energized to perform for each of you, our wonderful clients.

Please enjoy some of the photographs of my trip.[slideshow]