The Fall Grand...Making Progress

I am excited to report that Jackson and I hit a goal this year at the Fall HRC Grand. The event was held in the Northwest corner of Tennessee.  For you duck hunters out there, Real Foot was right next door.  The grounds were fabulous and we traveled with a great group of friends who are both professional and amateur dog trainers.

My goal was to get to the 3rd day of the 5 day elimination.  Since this was our 3rd try, my theme was “3rd Grand, 3rd day, 3rd time.”

The Events are single elimination and are land series, water series, 4 days 1 each day and then on the 5th day you do a upland test.  “Quail Hunt.”

Well, we started off water, then land and made it through the 3r day.  Goal Achieved!  We went then to the 4th day, competed, but went out on points.  I cannot tell everyone how proud I was of Jackson and myself, but we still have a lot of room to grow.

Next step.  Attempt #4 and this time complete 5 days.  That will be in the spring of 2010 in Baton Rouge, LA.