A Bit of Good News in a Small "r" Rally

Unemployment numbers are indicating a breakthrough from 9% unemployment to 8.6%. I am sure this number will be revised and completely dissected over the next several weeks.  But, it is a small bit of information that can give us all some hope for optimism.

We are in the holiday spending season and we believe there is a small “r” rally developing from now into January.

Yes, Europe is the big deal breaker we must watch carefully, but for now we continue to be overweight in areas of high quality large cap dividend paying equity investments.  Our bond portfolios continue to remain steady and provide potential yield.

New opportunities in other areas might present themselves as we move towards the end of the year, which we will look for.

We are working hard and steady to seek gains through yield and growth where it presents itself.

As the year ends, we will continue to look at all the data and information to set the course for the first quarter, but we believe that Christmas season will be up.

For now, let’s all enjoy this wonderful holiday season, and look for those better days ahead.

Source: “Wall Street set for Gains on jobs data, ECB hopes” Angela Moon, Reuters.  12-2-2011.

 Stock investing involves risk including loss of principal.  No investment strategy assures success or guarantees protection against loss.