A Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President, I write you this note based upon my observations of the results by you and congress over these last four years, understanding that I have the daily responsibility to provide for my family, our staff of hard working employees, and all the wonderful clients that trust their livelihood to us.

This country is fast approaching what is commonly referred to as the “Fiscal Cliff” and as the head of the greatest country in the world I do not see you taking the leadership role that is needed and called upon to solve this problem.

What I do see you doing is purely political and solely dogmatic to say that you got what “you wanted.”

Now I must be fair, I am not anymore impressed with the leadership that the Republicans are providing.

However, you are the one at the top. The buck stops with you. As a business owner, I am asked daily to deal with tough situations. I come to understand that I do not always get exactly what I want. We pride ourselves on the ability to get behind closed doors, hear everyone out, see differ ways to solve problems, bring the best of ideas to the table, and then make decisions and solve the problems.

What is so amazing in the whole group of you in Washington is that you either have forgotten these principles or, what I hope is not the case, you do not believe in them and have just decided to do it “Your Way.”

This Fiscal Cliff must be averted and the “Middle Class” that you so say you want to help cannot afford to have their saving and retirement plans put in limbo by the lack of leadership by you and Congress.

You did a good thing over these last four years in forming a committee that came up with recommendations on solving these problems. Mr. President, Simpson- Boyles, your committee, is your starting place for solutions. Tell America this is where you will start. You and Congress leaders should get behind closed doors and get to work on using that good frame work to get these problems fixed. Mr. President, be our President and lead.

May God Always bless American and I do wish for you the best.


John Hardy This commentary expresses the political views of the author and in no way represents the views of LPL Financial.