Account View Setup: Frequently Asked Questions

  new-account-viewAs you should be aware by now, we have merged over to the NEW Account View System. This is a great new system that can be accessed from your computer using any internet browser, from your iPad or tablet, and even from your smart phone! As with any change, this has come with questions and uncertainty. If you have not yet activated your account, here are some of the common issues and questions we have been asked. Hopefully this will help you with an easier transition.


Q: When I log into my account I see a blank screen! Where did my accounts go?

A: This means you are trying to access the OLD client portal. Please be sure to delete this saved website from your favorites. You need to verify your account through the new account view system. Go to the website: enter in your username (which most of the time is your full email address), enter in your password and continue through the process.

Q: It says I have invalid credentials? What does this mean?

A: Typically this means that the username or password is wrong. Call or email our office and we can look up your username for you. If that is correct and you are still getting the “invalid credentials” message, then you will need to click the “forgot password” link and you will receive an email from which will have a link you can click to reset your password and continue through the activation process.

Q: It’s asking for my account number, but I don’t know my account number. Can you email my account number to me?

A: No. We cannot send account numbers via email, but you can call Kelly in our office at 336-544-6800 and after you answer some question to verify your identity she can tell you your account number.

Q: I can’t understand this coded message? How do I know if I should put uppercase or lowercase letters?


A: As part of the account verification process you must type in the digits shown. Note that the letters are case sensitive, but there are NO SPACES in between them. So for the above code you would type 3BAKYR. We’ve received several questions where calls thought the “A” would be lowercase because it is lower on the line than the other letters. This is still an uppercase A, it is just located lower. Having trouble distinguishing? Here’s a chart to help:



Uppercase on the left, lowercase on the right. Having trouble with the number zero and the letter “O”. A zero will be very narrow “0” the uppercase O will be wide “O”. If you still cannot tell, you can click on the blue letters to provide another image.

Q: I’m not getting the verification emails.

A: Some email systems will think the verification email is actually spam. Please be sure to check your spam filters. Also if you have a virus checking program, that can interfere. You may need to look at reducing your settings for spam. If you use AOL for email, there will be issues with receiving the verification email.

Follow these steps to lower your spam settings in AOL:

1. log into your AOL email. 2. Click on the SPAM folder to be sure you do not see an email from MyAccountViewOnline or one titled “Account View Email Verification” 3. If you don’t see it at the top of the screen, on the right under your username click on OPTIONS and choose MAIL SETTINGS 4. On the LEFT side of the screen click on SPAM SETTINGS 5. Under SPAM FILTER – change the choice to LOW 6. Under SENDER FILTER – change the choice to “ALLOW MAIL FROM ALL SENDERS” 7. Click SAVE SETTINGS 8. Click BACK TO MAIL on the top left side of the screen 9. Check your SPAM folder again. 10. If you do not see the email still, send me an email and I will have LPL resend the verification email to you.

Q: Will you just set it all up for me? My username is _____ my password is _______.

A: I’m sorry we cannot go through the verification process in account view for you. You must go through the verification process personally. We are here to help. We can even assist with logging into your computer and showing you step by step what to do, but you need to enter information such as your password yourself. Please be sure to never email your password to anyone.

Q: I was able to verify my account, but now only one of my accounts is showing up.

A: Likely, you clicked on First Time user and set up your account from scratch rather than using your migrated account. This is not a problem. Call our office at 336-544-6800 and we’ll be happy to add your other accounts for you.

Q: I never had access to my account before, how do I get set up?

A: Just send an email to and let Kathy know your email address and that you’d like to be set up and she’ll set you up and send you the instructions!

Q: What if I’ve tried all this and it still doesn’t work.

A: Call our office at 336-544-6800. We will be happy to walk you through the process!


We are here to help you with this process. We’ve gotten a lot of positive reviews once our clients have gotten into the system and are able to view their data. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


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