All Aboard...

This Saturday, I have the honor of being the best man in my youngest child, and only son, William’s wedding.  William, age 26, is marrying a beautiful young lady, Shannon McGuire.  Christy and I could not be happier.  Our family is very excited for this joyful event as we have had to deal with the sadness of the loss of my father-in-law, Less Russ, who passed away in mid-March.   As I sit here in reflect on these recent and upcoming events, one thing that I realize is that life’s train can move pretty fast.     I have the great fortune to meet with great people during the course of my work.  We focus on issues such as retirement planning, market risk, desired return, income needs, and best positioning them to be able to achieve the goals they desire.   Through my interactions with people I get to share in their “train ride” and learn about where the tracks have taken them in the past and help direct where they will go in the future.  These interactions have shown that one thing has become clear for me:  planning and preparing for the future is key!  Without planning you could find yourself left at the station, riding on a train in the wrong direction, or stuck in the caboose struggling to move up to the front.

Preparation can come in many forms.  Whether that is saving in your 401k, having a budget, writing down your goals and how you intend to reach them,  or just sitting down with the ones you love and discussing issues that are important to you; this can enable you to make sure you are on the right train headed in the right direction.

One thing is for sure, while I sit here on my train looking out over the track I’m on, I have realized that 26 years can fly by and sometimes death comes too soon.   I advise you to look over your goals, review your plan, call your spouse and children and share with them your plans.  After you do this, spend some quality time with someone special because life’s train goes fast and before you know it you’ll be pulling into the station at your final stop.