Big News from HMCP in 2014 - Bank On It!

Carolina Bank and HMC PartnersTwenty years ago, my young family moved to Greensboro during my other life managing large, big name insurance company's regional offices. One of the first things I did to become more Greensboro literate was to enroll in the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce's, "Leadership Greensboro" (LG) program. LG's mission is to educate new leaders of the city's past while cultivating these leaders to tackle the many issues facing our city presently. One of my classmates was Robert Braswell; the then newly appointed President of the new community bank in town. Carolina Bank and Bob had big plans to fill major banking voids like the lack of customer focus and the return to business conducted by a hand-shake that customers were clamoring for even twenty years ago. We became good friends and my personal banking was moved there.

A few years later, John Hardy and I decided that we could develop a pretty darn good business together in fee-based wealth management serving clients who didn't have enough assets for the big wire houses. Like Carolina Bank, we began to build a "Relationship First" practice that established tremendous loyalty with clients.

Fast forward twenty years later. After several informal conversations along the way, the call I always hoped would occur did. Bob called and left a message in his usual cryptic way that said, "You should call Allen Liles (Carolina Bank's CFO) today. He might have some mutually beneficial news."

HMC Partners and Carolina Bank are proud to announce the formation of a Strategic Partnership which allows us to work with customers and clients of this now 8 location, $600M deposit bank established twenty years ago when two guys had much less gray hair! For Carolina Bank, it allows their organization the comfort to refer clients to a proactive, experienced, fee-based wealth management team. Since I have banked there for 20 years and our company has our Corporate accounts there since our inception, we know the kind of service and client-first approach they incorporate giving us the comfort to recommend Carolina Bank as a full service banking choice for our clients.

Deep down I always felt that someday this day would come. The cultures of both companies mirror the other and we share many of the same clients. Good things are worth waiting twenty years for.

This is not the only bit of good news we have to share. On February 3rd, we will have some equally exciting news related to our growth and our focus on the future of HMC Partners. Stay tuned!


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