iStock_000029193368XSmall - blessingsWe have started our radio show back again and WSJS and “Boy It Feels Good!” Thanks to all for the nice comments and email saying you are glad we are back and thanks to the rebuilding listenership that is occurring. Gib and I are striving hard to make it a place that if you will tune us in that come away with a piece of worthwhile money information and maybe have a laugh to start their day off. Let us know how we are doing and help spread the word and time, WSJS Thursdays 9AM-10AM.

We had a good turnout for our social Security Seminars. Thanks to all who attended. The highlight, light-bulb-turn-on moment came for me when it became really clear that there are key planning opportunities for husbands, wives, widows and divorcees when it comes to when to choosing your social security benefit. I am excited about what we are doing in house to help anyone figure this out. Kathy Clark in our office has developed a helpful questionnaire which can help you get started in thinking through this challenging decision. Our new software can help you see and quantify decisions. We are gaining in knowledge and surrounding ourselves with people who know the answers. So if you have a question about social security benefits when comes to your retirement, let us help.

We still believe that the market is headed up for a year end higher value than today. That is not to say we will not have some bumps along the way, but unless an unforeseen event occurs we believe that the equity side of the equation will lead year-end performance. We have been busy repositioning your bonds into categories that can absorb better interest rate changes, but with the latest Federal Reserve meeting it looks like tapering will be a 2014 discussion. So, let’s all enjoy the holidays, spend money, and call your congressman or senator and tell them to put this country first, allow free enterprise to work, and come together on some hard decisions that need to be addressed

This is a time of holidays. Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hanukkah. There will be parties, family traditions, travel, gatherings for sure. We all will find ourselves tired by January hoping for a quiet snowy evening and a glass of wine by the fire. Let’s all try however to take time out and be aware of others and their needs this holiday season. We are blessed in so many ways. Share those blessing by a simple smile or speaking to a stranger. Share a warm meal with someone who is elderly or by themselves because of loss. Do something for a child that brings a laugh or even for an animal to help fight off the winter cold. Let’s all make a promise to ourselves and each other that this holiday season we will not get so caught up in all the stuff but take a moment to Give and Love.

Thank you all for you and blessing this coming holidays!

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