female hand is dialing a phone numberThis week I will be short and to the point. Last week, Gib and I did our regular appearance on Fox 8 morning news and our first of many radio Shows, Thursday morning on WSJS, “Your Money Matters.” (Yes we are back and tune in, 600 am every other Thursday from 9-10 am. Then, starting in January every Thursday.) Enough advertising, back to my short important point.If there were consistent themes that we heard in each media outlet they were 1. Fear 2. Frustration and being fed up with Washington and 3. How can I invest in this environment? Here are my to the point answers.


Your fear is normal, but the fear that is being expressed can ultimately create market volatility. Our recommendation is to take a deep breath and as best as you can look through this mess and get focused on what we believe will be a higher year-end.

Frustration & Being Fed Up with Washington

Frustration and being fed up with those we elected in Washington is completely justifiable. Needless to say if you and I were to run our household or our companies as those so called “smart” elected individuals run this country, we would be without a roof or a business. To think that kicking the can down the road is progress is insane. There are real hard issues that this country needs to address and solve. There needs to be a meeting of the minds in the middle in order to accomplish this. You want to do something about your portfolio’s CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and tell them TO START WORKING TOGETHER for the GOOD OF THE WHOLE COUNTRY! That means reducing our nation’s debt. That means figuring out how health care can work best for each of us. That means creating jobs. That means revising the antiquated tax system. It means finding a way to work together so this great country and all its great citizens can have the opportunity to be successful based on their given abilities and desire to succeed for themselves. We have made that call and we will continue this campaign, but PLEASE CALL and express your concerns.

How Can I Invest in this Environment?

Finally, we have been positioning each client portfolio more towards the equity rally we have been seeing. We believe that sooner rather than later the Federal Reserve will begin tapering. With that, interest rates may rise. Bonds may need to be able to adjust and we think that the stock market will be higher by year-end than today. It will not be a smooth ride. Expect choppiness, but unless those NUTS in Washington just want to undo what 200+ years has created, then we still feel cautiously good to push ahead.

I take no pride in calling our representative NUTS, but I hear daily from good people who have worked hard, saved well, and are scared about their financial future. It is time to stop the gamesmanship in Washington and have our leaders get down to business. If they are unwilling we should use our rights and vote them out.

Stay strong and stay focused, we will get through this together!


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