Don't Get Sick

doctorAllow me for this moment to move off of an investment thought and share with you a personal situation I am involved in and one that I will guess at some time you will be also. Without getting into the details the Hardy family is involved with my father John Sr. being in the hospital dealing with some medical concerns. We believe the medical doctors and nurses are on top of things and do believe Dad will work his way back to good health, but for now our time and attention is also going to my dad’s needs.

Now I do not tell you this for sympathy or well wishes, but to tell you firsthand how important it is for the patient to have an advocate there daily. We are not there around the clock, we just cannot do that. But, my brothers and their wives are all chipping in and touching base during the day and night.

I have discovered two things. Today’s health care workers are really doing their best to help and support the patient. Dad is at Wesley Long and that fourth floor team is fantastic. They are attentive and they provide care with humor and a human touch. Never once have I seen them not try to always help dad and us understand the situation. But here is my second observation. They SYSTEM is overloaded. It is OVER WORKED. Health care has become a bureaucracy, and these poor doctors and nurses are drowning in Washington “you know what.”

I cannot tell you the number of times that I or my brothers have needed to revisit the medical facts, discussed the diagnoses, or ask for clarity in procedures. I truly believe by being there we have helped dad stay focused on getting well, the doctors and nurses stay focused on procedures and results, and we filter all the communications.

Today’s patients, our family members, and friends need another set of eyes and ears there if in the hospital to help these great professionals do their job. I hope you do not find yourself this year in this situation, but if you do please help that patient with prayers, love, and another set of eyes and ears.

Thanks for caring as I know you all do.

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