Earning Your Trust Everyday

handshakeMy wife and I have begun the search for a new home recently. We had not planned on moving again anytime soon, but with our recent news that, TA-DA! Laura is due with Baby #2 in December we’ve already outgrown our small Kirkwood home. That makes two kids 15 months apart. Here is where I would like to add my disclaimer: I’m a retirement and investment planner, clearly not a family planner! Thus begins the search for a new Hilliard Home. Call me crazy, but I actually get excited about moving. During my Navy career I lived in twelve apartments, four states, two countries, and had countless roommates (some good, some awful!) I learned that I need to get excited about moving because I would have to do it so often. I could look at it as another difficult problem to deal with or a new opportunity to make positive changes in my life. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you know that I’m a glass half-full kind of guy, so I choose to look at the positive side.

There are so many factors that have to be considered when moving: location, friends, parks nearby, schools, bedrooms, a yard for the dog, and other families and kids nearby. The criteria for the ‘perfect place’ seem to change each time, and that’s what makes the search fun for me. The one thing that is different this time around is that we are using a realtor whereas we have never needed one before. There are dozens of experienced and knowledgeable realtors in the area, but when it came time to decide on whom to work with, there was one criterion that mattered most: trust. Who could we trust that would genuinely care to see us happy and help us make the best choice? Is this a one-time business deal that we will conduct and never hear from them again? Or is it a friend that truly has our best interests at heart? Knowing that you have an ally on a personal and professional level makes this process much less daunting.

Earning our client’s trust and building relationships is what we love about this job. Everything else is just a numbers game. We can’t earn your trust in just one meeting; we have to earn it every day. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to earn your trust every day.

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