Feedback in '15

Feedback-box-for-collectRecently we met with a group of our clients to get their Feedback on how we are doing, where we can improve, and what other services we could provide that would be of benefit. We would love to tell you all the wonderful comments that were made, but our compliance rules forbid any personal testimonials or affirmations from clients from being shared with the public at large. But, we did hear some very nice comments which we would be happy to share on a one-on-one basis – just give us a call. What we can share are some of the thoughts and ideas that were generated at the meetings.

What’s New at HMC:

• We are expanding! The office suite next to our office in Greensboro has become available so we have firmed up this space with a lease with an option to buy. Soon you will see the “HMC Partners” sign over an additional suite. The addition of this space will allow us the opportunity to grow and expand our staff and advisors.

• We have hired a new staff member! Shaun Marvell joined us in February, bringing with her over eight years of experience in the financial services industry. Shaun is Series 7 and 66 securities registered with LPL Financial and holds the North Carolina Life Insurance license. She is a Registered Administrative Associate with and securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Born in Winston-Salem and raised in Georgia, Shaun graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Risk Management & Insurance. Shaun will be a key contact for new accounts and client servicing needs.

• Each year 44% of our new assets and accounts come from our existing clients (22% from introductions to new people and 22% from additional contributions and opening of new accounts), 25% of our new assets and accounts come from our partnership with Carolina Bank, and 17% comes from our Media/Advertising campaigns. The final 14% comes from various sources.

Why clients choose to work with us:

Of course when choosing a financial advisor it is a very personal experience. Each person looks for different characteristics or factors in making this important decision. When we asked our feedback group this question, one word came up over and over again… trust. We want to thank you for your trust and want to let you know we are doing all we can to continue to earn it every day!

What are our client’s biggest fears?

When asked this question, our feedback group shared some common themes. The fear of losing their money and not being able to provide for their family as they are no longer working. The fear of outliving the money they have saved. Not wanting to be a burden on their children. What we heard the most was money can be a big fear for our clients.

Ideas that were generated

We had some great input and came up with some new ideas that we will look to implement in the near future.

1. Shredding Service. We know we send A LOT of paper. Even if you’ve taken the steps to go paperless through Account View and have opted out of the proxies, and additional mailings… you still get a lot of documents containing personal information. We have a professional shredding service that comes to our office each month. We’d like to offer to our clients an opportunity to bring your documents to us to shred for you. We’ll make sure the documents are disposed of in a secure manner. Watch for more details on when you can bring your documents by our office to be shredded!

2. Computer Training. If you’ve been a client for a while, you may remember Technology Tuesdays! This was one Tuesday per month when clients could sign up to have one on one computer training. We taught Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Account View. For those who took part in the training, it was very helpful, but over time interest waned. We would like to bring this back! If you’d like to learn how to use Account View or have specific questions soon you’ll be able to set up a time to come in and meet one on one with Kathy Clark in our office and she will help you navigate the computer and Account View! Watch for more information on this soon!

3. Involving Children in Reviews. Whether you are taking care of a parent who is aging or you are approaching the years when your children may have to take care of you, we have found that open communication with family members when it comes to finances and money is extremely important. It’s been requested that we include the adult children of our client in their reviews and in the planning process. This can be so helpful with allowing the children to know who is handling mom and dad’s money and who they can turn to if they have questions or need assistance. We would like to invite you to include your adult children in a review or meeting. We can be as open or confidential about your investments – depending on your comfort level. We can go into details about amounts and holdings or we can talk in broad terms about philosophy for investing and keep dollar figures confidential.

4. Becoming a Resource Center. We know where our expertise is… and that is in managing money. We don’t claim to be attorneys, CPAs, long-term care specialists, or assisted living facility representatives… be we know people in these professions who we trust and we would be happy to recommend. While we don’t have every resource set up today, we are working to create relationships and learn about individuals who offer these services so when you need someone in these areas, we can provide a recommendation to someone we trust, and hopefully save you some time, energy, and worry when it comes finding a good person to work with.

**Please Note: These professionals are not endorsed or sponsored by LPL Financial.

5. Continue to Offer Informative Seminars. We will continue to bring in national speakers to and market experts to meet with our clients and provide their insight on the market. We are happy to have Phil Orlando, Chief Equity Market Strategist for Federated Investments coming back in July and new this year, we’ll have Bob Doll, Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Equity Strategist for Nuveen Asset Management coming in October. In addition, we will hold our annual mid-year outlook this summer to provide a mid-year look at where the market has been and where we believe the market will go for the remainder of the year.

These are some of the main ideas that were generated as to how we can help our clients. Of course will continue to watch the market indicators and make moves in our advisory accounts as they are needed. We will continue to communicate with you of our thoughts on the market. We, along with our staff are here for any questions. We appreciate the relationships we've created, we appreciate your business, and we appreciate your trust. Thank you!

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