Fresh Start

Tucker and TJI hesitate to say this for fear of jinxing it, but I think spring is finally here. The mounds of snow in our parking lot have finally melted, Greensboro is looking very green again, and I haven’t stopped sneezing all week. I drove past General Greene Park yesterday and noticed quite a crowd of people walking, running, and just enjoying being outside again. It’s official: spring is here! Like most people, January 1st was the day we were really going to change our lives, get back on track, start that diet and exercise program, and really improve ourselves. Then winter came. And stayed. And stayed. Then left for a day and then came back for another month. So if the weather has stymied your progress towards starting that new hobby, new job search, new workout program, or from spending more time outside with your family, now is finally your chance.

I’ve certainly had my fresh start to the year. Joining HMC in February has opened my eyes to new clients, new staff, new relationships, new partnerships with Carolina Bank, and a whole new way of doing business. I wrote my first blog post, I’ve been on the radio for the first time, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet some fascinating people along the way. I even had my first dog day at the office, bringing in Tucker for some office love. He’s no 1000-point hunting dog like Jackson, but John says he has an “interesting and unique personality.” That’s a good thing, right? With so many new things some days I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose. But that excitement of new opportunities is what keeps me coming back for more.

On a personal level, I feel like I’ve had a fresh start with my family. With the birth of my daughter in September while my wife was in her first semester of graduate school, the end of 2013 was challenging, to say the least. But as my daughter has grown from being a diaper-filler to a diaper-filler with a smiley personality, the initial struggle seems like a very minor bump in the road.

So whatever your fresh start is this spring, get over that initial bump in the road. Just like this winter, it’s only temporary. I didn’t intend for this post to be any sort of motivational speech, but I guess this fresh start has me thinking a lot more positively these days.

And on that note, I’m going back outside now…to drink some more from the fire hose.


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