A Glimpse

iStock_000018443697LargeHave you ever wondered what we do in our office? Are we sitting around watching TV and throwing darts at a board trying to decide what investments are best for our clients? I can tell you that is definitely not the case! A week for us here at HMC involves a host of all kinds of activities. Let me just say we all are busy and we all are excited on how this year is unfolding. We start off our week every Monday morning with a meeting of our entire office staff. We feel it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page. We discuss the market and areas of opportunity or concern to watch. We discuss upcoming appointments. We discuss specific client needs and service items that are coming up for our clients. We discuss upcoming events and longer term plans. And finally, we discuss our weekend and important items coming up in our lives. Work is important and we take it very seriously, but we also feel it’s important to share the other important items in our life… after all it’s important to have a good balance!

Throughout the week, our staff is constantly working with our clients – existing and new. From answering questions, to service issues, IT training and account view help, to processing contributions and distributions. They enjoy the client interaction as well as the good feeling they have when helping all who work with HMC. They really are our strong backbone… making sure to keep Gib, Chris, and I in line – and making sure we don’t miss any of the key details!

Gib, Chris and I spend our week talking to trusted advisors. We are in ongoing conversations with many different fund companies and are getting their thoughts on market indicators and how their investment vehicles are performing now and expected to perform in the future. We look at research reports by the analysts at LPL Financial, we look at current events, and we look at noteworthy news stories. We pull all of this information together and discuss how to best proceed with our clients and their investment portfolios.

Gib, Chris, and I are also busy meeting with our existing clients to review their accounts and have discussions with them about our thoughts on how to best manage their accounts. We also work with new and potential clients to learn how we can help them feel more confident knowing their investment needs are being met. We do love our clients, and many of them have become dear friends of ours over the past many years. We do also enjoy meeting new potential clients. We appreciate so much the referrals to friends and family so many of you are providing for us. That referral is welcomed and encouraged. It allows us a chance to meet and help another great person just like you.

So what are our thoughts after meeting with advisors and doing this research?  We believe that there is still potential for a high single digit to low double digit returns for a rolling twelve month period. We believe that for some investors being over-weighted in dividend paying equities will help round out the volatility curve. We continue to believe that volatility is with us – it would not surprise us if we had one more downturn in the market before year end, but we still feel the economic indicators are positive.

With this as a glimpse into how we feel and what we are doing weekly please know we are here for you. Our staff is ready to assist you in any way they can. Gib, Chris and I are always there to meet or review an idea you need to discuss.

Again thank you our clients, friends, and partners for helping us be the best we can. Have a great fall, enjoy the colorful leafs that are coming and stay in touch.

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