Go West...

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is my hope that we all have been able to have taken a vacation sometime this year or get some time off just to unwind. In this high pace, instant messaging world in which we all live and work, pressures from the day in day out pace we run can become unhealthy if not kept in balance. A good old “get out of town” event is often just what the doctor ordered. For me this is where I found myself this summer. Nothing bad is happening, but I just sensed a need for a mental break in pace and 10 days in South Dakota was the correct prescription.

The 10 day stay was centered on the famous or some would say infamous Sturgis Bike Rally. Oh yes, I heard plenty of, “you’re crazy, you will get killed, that’s Hell's Angels territory, do you know that women are said to be naked out there?” comments in my preparation. Yet, for me and two other friends it was a fulfillment of a dream we began to discuss two years ago.

You see, we knew all those comments had some level of truth, some even were good points for us to carry in the back of our minds ,helping us to enjoy the moment but reminding each of us who we are and really the most important connection points are here back home.

It was more than about a Bike Rally Party. It, for me and I believe my two Harley Hog Riding friends, was an adventure. In some ways like Lewis in Clark, but without the really hard life and death decisions they were faced with. We allocated two and half days to get there. We trailered our bikes in a 20 foot trailer. The adventure of driving cross country, seeing the vastness and wide open spaces help me clear my head of my daily clutter.

Upon arrival a good solid base camp was established at the Hilton Inn in Rapid City, SD, bikes were off loaded with new territory to explore on our steel horses. All I can say in such a short space is take the ones you love and if you have not seen it GO WEST. Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, The Bad Lands, Devils Tower, Custer State Park, The Black Hills, Spearfish Canyon, gold, fossils, buffaloes, big horn sheep, eagles, the list of sights and scenes go on and on. Lewis and Clark who surely stood where we rode most had overwhelming thoughts of the vastness and total richness of this land.


Just my time in riding in these great spaces seeing some new and different sights recharged my batteries. For me, that open road with air flowing all around, the sound of the HD pipes and my iPod playing my favorite tunes gave me a new level of energy.


Now there were the parties and they were crazy. But the highlight I will share was the ZZ Top concert at Buffalo Chips. We were there. Center stage, VIP passes sound and sights intense. My youth came rushing back. Cool in the Gang, Doobie Brother, Earth Wind and Fire, concerts I attended in high school and college, their memories all came back. Good times for all were had then and at ZZ top. For a brief few hours we three just relived and enjoyed our youth and this concert. What the doctor ordered.

We drove back in 2 days with memories and trinkets that will help us remember this wonderful adventure. My friends Tim and Charlie, I thank so much for sharing the adventure. Our families for the freedom and encouragement to go and great partner and staff for their support, I cannot say thank you enough.

The needed time worked, I am recharged and reloaded looking forward to the second half of this year. Again I say GO WEST and I hope you all get such an opportunity.


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