Growth Is Good!

three small tree isolated on white I had a review with a great client today. When I asked her, "Do you have any questions?" Her response was, "Have you guys had a lot of turnover? I've gotten emails from a couple of different people that I didn't recognize." I was perplexed, but then realized she wasn't being contacted by replacements rather she had contacted by additions.

In the last several months, HMC Partners has been the beneficiary of growth. Thanks to your loyalty, your referrals and to others who've found their way to us through other sources, we've grown and needed to make additions to better serve our constituents.

Because of the exemplary job Kelly Fisher had done as HMC Partners' point person, we promoted Kelly Fisher to a role of a more hands-on client support and client marketing position.   She is officially our new Client Service and Marketing Specialist.  To fill Kelly's role, we hired Annicka Kraft as our Administrative Coordinator who has stepped right in assuming those responsibilities. While we were interviewing for the position ultimately filled by Annicka, we interviewed Heather Brightbill who held her Series 7, 66 and 63 securities registrations and had sales and service experience in our industry and the mortgage business. Heather fit the "bill" (pun intended) to work within our partnership at Carolina Bank and support John and me with certain segments of our client population, so we hired her as our Director of Wealth Services.  Heather now holds her Series 7 and 63 with LPL Financial and her Series 66 is held with both LPL Financial and Independent Advisor Alliance.

The final piece was the addition of a long-time friend and colleague, Chip Slaughter. Chip joins HMC Partners as an advisor with 21 years of experience. He happened to be the first person I hired to the industry when I moved to Greensboro to run Principal Financial 22 years ago. Chip is the Managing Director of the North Carolina Physicians’ Retirement Strategy (NCPRS)*, a wealth growth and preservation strategy endorsed by the North Carolina Medical Society since 2008, and has developed relationships where he has created and preserved assets of physicians throughout NC.

We were certainly glad to have these additional hands available when another sign of growth propelled us to change our Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) relationship. The years of experience of Kathy Clark, Director of Corporate Operations, and Diane Parmele, Director of Client Operations, were vital to this smooth transition.

Most importantly, we'd like to thank you for being the reason we've had to hire these talented people. Growth has created opportunity for us to find these excellent additions that will better serve you and HMC Partners in the future.


*The North Carolina Physicians’ Retirement Strategy is not affiliated with LPL Financial.