Happy New Year and Black Eyed Peas

Happy New Year 2014Happy New Year!! As my first blog of the new year, I wanted to share some of my observations and set the mood for a good 2014. First, a couple of New Year Superstations and as you reflect back see if you did these.

  1. 1.  Kissing at the Stroke of Midnight. This is one of the most popular beliefs around the world. It shows warmth, affection, and how much you care for your love one. It is said for those who fail to do this it will be a chilly relationship with the love one in the coming year. Hopefully for me the kiss at 10 pm will work just the same!
  2. Loud Noises. Greet the New Year by making loud noises. Not only do some think this is fun but it is said to run off evil spirits, thus insuring you a hassle free New Year.
  3. Born on January 1st. Babies born this day are to say to have luck and prosperity on their side. Dads would say “I missed a dependent claim opportunity.”
  4. Black eyed peas. Kathy in our office being from those Northern States said she never heard about this until she moved down to the South. Black eyed peas are considered a symbol of good luck and are combined with cabbage, turnips, and pork for prosperity and health. Personally for me and my family we really do believe in this and you will find our family around the table on the 1st with this traditional meal. Besides, it is GOOD!

Ok, what about the NFL Super Bowl predictor. The indicator for this year’s coming market is that if a team from the old AFC division wins then it will be a decline year in the market and if a team from the NFC division wins it will be an up market. Some say that this indicator is 80% historically accurate, but as we all know it is really just good water cooler talk. What is really the determining factor is: Women’s Skirt Lengths.

Yes, here is a real theory for us all, especially, the men folk who follow these tactical charting positions. The theory is the shorter the skirt length the higher the market will rise. Short shirts equal good markets. Long skirts mean dull down markets. The idea is that a rising skirt line shows confidence, general consumer interest to spend and excitement. Thus let it never be said that the true power players of Wall Street are women with their brains and fashion.

Ok there you have it, directional markers for the market 2014. Let’s add just a few more. We will be watching whether:

• An effort is made of working together in congress. • The continued tapering by the Federal Reserve, is advanced. • End of year profits and first Q2014 reports are strong. • Employment and jobless claims are improving. • Consumer spending up and the VIX (Volatility Index) is down.

Our list goes on and we want to assure you we will be on top of it with our daily and weekly meeting we have between all the resources we call upon on your behalf.

Indicators are showing another up market but volatility is ever present. Surely the market will take a breath, exhale, and give back sometime in the future, but we believe it will still be a good 2014 market year . Geopolitical events remain the wild card and we all must measure the risk that this adds to a portfolio.

With this all in mind we recognize in 2013 the market was a solid performer. Economic fundamentals are returning and we look forward to working hard on your behalf.

Thank you for your relationship to us here at HMC. Stay tune for BIG NEWS coming in the first quarter and tune in every Thursdays 9-10am WSJS for our radio show, Your Money Matters.

Happy New Year to you all!


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