HMC Partners Dives Into The Social Network

If you are here reading this, you have most likely already heard about our recent social media launch.  But, with words like “Social Media”, “Tweet”, “Like Us”, and “Follow Us”… do you find yourself asking what does this all mean?  If you happen to have a teenager in your home, they surely can be your experts and tell you more than I ever could.  But, I will tell you what this all means to us here at HMC and why we have jumped into this “wired world” with both feet. The first most important thing to note is to all of our clients.  Don’t worry!  Being out in the Social Media world will not change anything we’ve done in the past.  We will still communicate with all our clients via email and phone calls when we are making changes to their accounts.  We will also continue to email our weekly market commentary each week.  We are always available for your emails and phone calls – none of that will change.

So what is new?  Now, we are providing more avenues for you to learn what Gib and John are thinking on a timely basis. We know that not all people are a part of all social media outlets so we wanted to provide a variety for you, so you can choose which you enjoy the most.

Our Blog.  We started this publication, our blog, as a way for you to get to know all of us at HMC better.  Get to learn what Gib and John are thinking and their views on things going on in the market, the world, politics, and also in their own lives.  We’ll post around one blog entry a week (more or less depending on what’s happening in the world) and we’ll keep you up to date with a commentary on topics we feel will be of some benefit or interest.

Facebook.  Facebook is the most widely used personal network.  Not only are young people talking with their friends via Facebook, but grandparents are using Facebook to stay connected with their grandkids and adults are reconnecting with people from their childhood.  In Fact, according to AARP, people over 65 are adopting Facebook faster than any other age group!   If you are on Facebook and you click to “LIKE” our page you will get all our latest updates.  We’ll post upcoming events and items of interest, along with pictures from events, seminars and Gib and John’s hunting outings and dog competitions.

Twitter.  Twitter is a useful tool for gathering up-to-the minute intelligence from experts who use the medium to share observations and perspectives.  People join Twitter and start to “Follow” different people, companies, sports teams and even celebrities that are of interest to them.  Twitter subscribers “Tweet” or send short messages of 140 characters about timely information.  As a company we follow many industry leaders and financial experts.  We will “re-tweet” (RT) message from experts that we think are of interest and we will also tweet our own messages and thoughts of timely events.  If you follow us, you’ll be up to date all of this information.

Linked In.  Linked In is the largest professional networking site.  The purpose of Linked In is to help business professionals network.  It is a great way to make connections with people.  We are happy to connect with you and help you network with other business professionals.

While we are very excited about our new social media, we want you to know a few key things.  First, we will not send an over-abundance of messages. We’ll post and tweet when we have something of interest, but we know how busy everyone is so we will do our best to only post items that we feel have value.  Second, we will not share any of our client’s information over Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or any media site.  Your information security is of utmost importance to us and we would never share anything with anyone without your written permission first.  Finally, we are doing all of this as an attempt to find better ways to serve our clients and our community.  While FINRA rules do not allow anyone to leave comments for us over social media, we love emails.  We encourage your feedback – so feel free to email us with your thoughts or suggestions!

The release of our social media is not the only thing that is new at HMC Partners.  We have a very full and exciting Fall planned and hope you will be able to take part.

Upcoming Events:

September 21st, Money Matters is back!  We’ve taken the same show you’ve listened to for years on the radio and will now broadcast it live through a weekly webinar.  Each week you will log onto your computer and register to listen to the show live.  The show will air every Wednesday at 10 amWe will also make a podcast available after the show has aired, following review by LPL Financial’s compliance department.

Also, we will soon be releasing a new website design.  The new website is in its final design stages right now.  The new site will be less cluttered and have information that is easy to find.  We hope you will find this to be a big improvement over our current site.  We’ll still be at, but soon it will have a very new look!

October 16th we will be hosting our Annual Client Appreciation Event.  We’ll have a wine tasting, a hunting retriever dog exhibition, a professional photographer to take portraits, and a cooking demonstration.  We’ll also have heavy hors d’oeuvres and beverages!  It’s sure to be a fun time… and it’s our way of saying “Thanks” to our clients for your continued trust in us!

In November we will be hosting a new seminar, so stay tuned for more information (watch for posts on Twitter and Facebook!)

We hope you are as excited as we are about these new endeavors.  We will continue to watch the markets and communicate about trends or changes we feel are needed for our clients’ accounts .  For our clients, if there is anything you need or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call…we are here for YOU!  For anyone who is not a client, we’re here for you too!  We’d love to tell you more about HMC Partners and how we are different from the rest.  Give our office a call at 336-544-6800 and we’d love to talk with you, learn about your situation and see how we can help!