What I'm Thankful For

iStock_000029193368XSmall-blessingsIt’s my favorite time of the year again. The chill is in the air, Thanksgiving is here, friends and family come from all over come to visit, and warm mugs of hot apple cider and big slices of pumpkin pie fill our bellies. I love all of it. I don’t care for the crazy shopping season, and my heart goes out to the retail employees who deal with Black Friday shoppers and, even worse, the pre-Black Friday shoppers that now show up on Thanksgiving. My family tried an idea a few years ago that we often go back to. We go to Friendly Shopping Center and we have two hours to find one gift for each member in the family. That’s it. It’s fun, it’s quick, it doesn’t get expensive, and we spend time with each other instead of in line at a store. Try it, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

We all know that Thanksgiving to Christmas can be a busy, stressful, and overwhelming time. The relief of having some time off is often washed away with the feeling of having to ‘get it all done’ before the end of the year.  So stop, take a minute, and take stock of what you are thankful for this year.

What I’m thankful for this year: An incredible wife who I honestly do not know how she does it all. She is the kind of daughter any parent could be proud of, the wife any husband is happy to come home to, a wonderful mother that has given me the happiest, smiliest daughter I could ever hope for, and a dedicated student working towards her own career.

My parents and in-laws; who sacrifice several days a week to take care of our daughter (and us) and have helped shape her to be the happiest, smiliest, kid ever.

My job; to have the opportunity to be employed in a career that I enjoy, surrounded by a team of talented individuals that performs good, honest work helping others.

My health and the health of my family; I’m thankful that I can enjoy exercise and participate in all of the special moments of my children. Lord knows I’ll need my strength with two daughters soon!

And last but not least, the greatest dog in the world, Admiral Tucker Bojangles. He’s my buddy.

What are you thankful for this year?