It's All About YOU!

Recently I’ve had many comments about the format of our weekly email. Most tend to have a very favorable response, but one comment did stand out to me.  I was asked why we keep making all these changes.  The short answer is for YOU!    Now, that may not make sense, but it really is true.  We are trying hard to stay on top of technology and find the best ways to provide information to clients and friends in the formats that work best for you.  I know sometimes technology can be overwhelming so I wanted to do a short recap of what is available for you. The Weekly:

This is our new weekly email which is sent out every Wednesday morning.   This new email replaces the old Weekly Market Commentary email.  Why the change?  We found that many of you had a difficult time viewing the commentary as an attachment.  We want to make the information available to everyone who would like to read it and found that by adding the Weekly Market Commentary to our blog and sending it out in this email format which is internet based, that it is easier for more people to be able to read it!

So what can you expect with The Weekly?  This email has three main parts.  The top left is a reminder about our weekly webcast, Money Matters.  It contains links where you can click to listen to the show LIVE or log in to listen to the archives.  Below that is a section, you will find intros to our latest blog entries.  One is our latest Weekly Market Commentary and the other is a new post by Gib, John, or a member of our staff.  (This may be how you found this entry you are reading right now).  The final part is on the right hand side.  This is where you will have our contact information and any key information for upcoming events!

The Blog:

So what really is a blog?  A blog is just a website we’ve created which consists of different articles or stories (known as posts).  Think of it like our personalized HMC Newspaper.  Each week we will post on the blog a post written by Gib, John, or a staff member, and also our latest weekly market commentary.  Sometimes the posts will be about market trends or financial issues, while other times they will be personal commentaries or items we think may be of interest.  In all, the blog was created to help you learn about happenings in the market, learn about our investment philosophy, and also learn about us.  You can get to the blog from our website and click on the button that says BLOG on the top right, or you can get to the latest posts from The Weekly.

Money Matters Webcast:

Webcast, Webinar, Internet Radio Show… what does it all mean?  Sometimes it is easy to get caught up on terminology.  Many of you know that for years Gib and John did a radio show on WSJS AM 600 called, Money Matters.  We have taken this same show format, and now instead of listening from the radio, you can listen live from your computer.  It’s very easy.  All you have to do is click on this link: on Wednesday at 10:00 am and you’ll get to listen to the show!  And, you can also ask your questions right over the computer or email them to us in advance.  Plus, soon you’ll also have the choice to listen directly from Facebook.


By now, you have probably heard of Facebook and are aware that it is a social networking site.  Facebook is a site where you can go and “LIKE” us.  What this means is that if you visit our Facebook page: and click LIKE then from your own Facebook page you will receive updates whenever we post them, so you’ll be first to know about events and important news.

What if you don’t have a Facebook page?  You can still view our page without having your own account.  All you have to do is click on the link above and you’ll see our page.  From this page you can see our history, pictures of us, and our recent events, read our latest tweets from twitter, and coming very soon you’ll be able to click to listen to Money Matters LIVE inside of Facebook!

Why would you want to visit our Facebook Page or Like us?  This is the quickest way we can get information to the public, so if you are following us, you’ll be the first to know.  We’ll post when we have events coming up, if there are news worthy items, reminders, pictures of events, helpful articles and videos, etc.


This is still very foreign to a lot of people.  So what is Twitter?  It is a social media site where people send out short messages “Tweets” which are 140 characters or less.  Sometimes Tweets will link to articles or videos, and other times they will just be comments or updates.  Gib is the primary “Tweeter” in our office.  If you follow us on Twitter you’ll get to hear his opinions on politics, the market, sports, etc.  This is a very entertaining form of media.  We will tweet from 5 – 10 times per day and if you like to follow the latest in news and entertainment this is a great way to do it.  So, if you want to follow us, what do you need to do?  You can view our latest tweets via a button in Facebook or by visiting!/hmcpartners.  The best way to get the most of twitter is to sign up for an account and click to FOLLOW us.  Then whenever you are on your twitter page you will see all of our Tweets as they happen!

Linked In:

Linked in is the largest professional networking site.  If you are still in the workforce, I would recommend you set up a linked in account.  You can find us at:  This is a great way to network with other professionals and also join groups for topics that interest you.

Our Website:

Our website is the central link to all other media.  If you are overwhelmed by trying to memorize all these other sites, don’t worry!  You really only need to remember one:  From this site you can link to our blog, our Facebook, Twitter, or Linked in page, you can request information, or find maps to our two office locations.

Introducing Technology Tuesdays!

So now that you understand all the ways you are able to get information, you may still say this it is too overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.  That’s why we are creating a new training time titled, Technology Tuesdays!!  What is this?  On the second Tuesday of every month we will offer technology training.  Sign up to come to our Greensboro office between 11 am and 2 pm and we’ll help you with your technology questions.  Want a Facebook page or Twitter account?  We’ll help set you up!  Want to better understand how to view your accounts in Account View?  We’ll show you that too!  We’ll do what we can to help explain this whole world of new technology and help you become a part of it!

If you want to attend, all you’ll have to do is contact me, Kathy Clark, at 336-544-6804 and I’ll schedule your time to come in.  Plus, we’ll have food because no one wants to learn technology on an empty stomach!

We know that your money and your investments are very important.  We also know that communication is key.  We thank you for trusting us to manage your money for you, and in return we want to provide you with as many ways to stay informed as possible.  We know every media source won’t work for every person so we wanted to provide some variety.  We hope you will explore our new avenues of communication and tell your friends about them too.  If you are unclear, sign up for a Technology Tuesday and take advantage of the training we can provide for you!  After all, the reason we are here is ALL ABOUT YOU!