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The following commentary expresses the political views and opinions of the author and in no way represents the views of LPL Financial or Independent Advisor Alliance. EverybodySucks2016-Twitter-marnibayes

As I was scrolling through Facebook a couple of days ago, I came across a political yard sign that read:

EVERYBODY SUCKS 2016 The US is doomed.

I did chuckle, but after some reflection, I realized that sign may not be that far from the truth. Whether you’re a GOP or a DEM, we can all agree that we are certainly swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool with no life guard on duty with the choices we are being served. In my 55 years, I have never come close to thinking “I’ll sit this one out” and I won’t start in 2016. However, I won’t vote for any in this “clown car” of characters.

Let’s review this stellar bunch…shall we???

On the GOP side, let’s start with the ring-leader of this sad, mad circus…Donald Trump. The Donald’s campaign is making the now deceased former mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford’s, boozy, cocaine induced election run look like mere “child’s play.” What candidate do you know can get away with:

• Insulting women candidates, TV personalities and the whole gender in general multiple times • Building walls while threatening to tear down relationships with long-time allies Japan and Israel • Having a strong arm double as a campaign manager • Rallies that resemble more 1960’s KKK meetings than modern day political gatherings • His abortion stance and then the about face of the about face of the about face

I never thought the Trump campaign would make it this far. It’s scary to think that such a careless, thoughtless venture would have legs. The appeal seems to come from an electorate that is “less affluent, less educated and less likely to turn out to vote.” (1) So in clearer terms, The Donald’s “best supporters are poor, ill-educated slackers who aren’t even Republicans.” (1)

His slogan should read, “If You Want to Give a Monkey a Machine Gun…I’m your Ape.”

Then there’s Ted Cruz. Cruz’s appearance is part snake-oil salesman and part mortician. An abundance of hair product and a crocodile smile make me a bit uneasy. Apparently, he makes a lot of others he has crossed paths with throughout his life uneasy too.

His freshmen year roommate at Princeton and current screenwriter, Craig Mazin’s, recollections of him are a guy that “endlessly hit the snooze button, creeped out female peers by hanging around their hallway in a bathroom and had serious body odor issues.” (2) How pleasant!

Another Princeton classmate, Geoffery Cohen, described him a guy with a “style that was sneering, smirking, condescending, jabbing his finger in your face-a naked desire to humiliate an opponent. No kindness, no empathy, no attempt to reach common ground.” (2) According to Charles Krauthammer, Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor, “Everybody who knows him in the Senate hates him. And I think hate is not an exaggeration. (2) Sounds like great Presidential material to me!!!

Now let’s look at the first of our Democratic choices, Hilliary Clinton. Can you honestly give one positive accomplishment that she produced as First Lady, Carpetbag Senator of NY or most recently, Secretary of State? Or when you think of Clinton, do you think about catchy one or two word headlines with scandal always associated? Remember:

• Benghazi • Private Emails • Whitewater • Travelgate • Filegate • Hubble Trouble • Foundation Favors

I don’t think I can take four years of her arrogance, shrillness or pants suits. Not being able to easily defeat a “dyspeptic, geriatric socialist” (1) is sign of how unpopular she is within her own party.

Finally, there’s that socialist, Bernie “Free Stuff” Sanders.

Has America sunk to such depths that a self-proclaimed Socialist can have traction? In one word, “yes.” Many young Americans are fed up with the status quo and these self-important, “disenfranchised” youth that are private schooled and college educated believe all the free stuff they’ve gotten from their parents has not been enough so it’s the government’s time to turn on the spicket.

From free pre-school for all to free tuition at public colleges and universities, many among us feel that should be the government’s responsibility. Instead of Obamacare, Sanders would take it a step further to a “Medicare for all, single payer system in which federal and state governments would provide healthcare to all Americans. (3). Paying for all this free stuff always becomes the rub because it’s always the socialist way….use class warfare as the champion. The naïve and misguided youth who have paid barely a cent in taxes love the idea of taxing the stuffing out “the rich” to redistribute for all the free stuff. We all know there simply aren’t enough of those rich folks to pay for an estimated $15 Trillion dollars of “free stuff” benefits over the next ten years. (3)

So do all of our 2016 candidates suck? Absolutely! Considering the last eight years of political discord and impotence, I can’t believe that any of these four can do anything but provide further ill to our already fragile system. I think we’ll test the underpinnings of Democracy regardless who is elected. However, we’ve survived wars both Civil and Cold along with those of the World War variety. We’ve survived Great Depressions and Great Recessions. We’ll survive this too, but for those more pessimistic than I….Canada is actively recruiting Americans to move north…..Ayyyy…You Betcha!

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The previous commentary expresses the political views and opinions of the author and in no way represents the views of LPL Financial or Independent Advisor Alliance.