July and Your Hammock

Senior man lying in hammock, smiling, close-up I am sharing my thoughts with you post July Fourth, but right in the middle of the summer season. First, Happy Fourth Of July to you and America! I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday.

I have been thinking about this summer and July and I want to issue myself a challenge and see if maybe you will do the same.

For me, my July challenge will be to “Slow Down.” No I do not mean walk slower, work less, or sleep more. What I am saying is let’s slow down when it comes to the efforts to be over connected. Let’s slow down when it comes to trying to add another event to attend or a places to go. Let’s slow down when it comes to being so… connected to the 24-7 news world.

My challenge for myself will be in July to go back and take the time to read and enjoy a great piece of American literature. Take some long walks or hikes and just listen to nature’s rhythms. Have a couple of special times with Christy that we just enjoy the moment. Do a crossword puzzle and play a game of rummy.

What I want to do this July is go back to a slower and simpler time. I want on a Sunday afternoon to churn some homemade ice-cream. I want to spend some time in my garden and enjoy some fresh vegetables. I want to just sit down with people I like, share a glass of wine, and have a great conversation.

I know that the busy world will keep on going and my short siesta will not affect the stock market, world politics, or global warming. But it will help me get recharged, reconnected to important things, and help me maintain proper perspective. Do not worry we are still actively managing your accounts, but in July I just might inject some hammock time.

How about you? Enjoy July and this summer and find a way to get reconnected to slower times.