Life Changes

Like most people, I’m a creature of habit and I tend to have a Monday through Friday routine. I usually drive home via the same route, at about the same time every day. I see some of the same people each day, especially when I approach my own neighborhood, going about their own routines of walking, running, riding bikes, and driving home from work. Over the years, when I’m stuck at the traffic light at Guilford College Road and Hilltop, I’ve noticed a man walking his dogs. I was initially intrigued because the man had two Shelties, but only one of the dogs walked. The other dog rode along perched on a pillow in a little red wagon pulled by the man, while his buddy walked alongside on the leash. I assumed the dog in the wagon was elderly or had a health issue that prevented him from walking. What a wonderful dog owner the man must be, to make sure that both of his dogs were able to continue to enjoy a daily walk!

Several months ago, I saw the man walking without the little red wagon, with only one Sheltie. I’m sure the older dog must have passed away; I’ve never even met the man, but I grieved right along with him as I sat in my car and watched.

Earlier this summer, I started seeing the man again. This time he had his Sheltie, obediently walking beside him, but a young Golden Retriever puppy had joined the pack, straining at the leash and attempting to run ahead instead of walk.

This man and his dogs illustrated to me one of life’s irrefutable lessons: things change. Marriage, children, a new home, college, job change, retirement, widowhood…..these are all things that affect our lives on a personal level, and on a financial level. It is important to have advisors who are willing and able to help you adjust to these changes.

At HMC Partners, we can help you with your retirement plans and investments, but we also have relationships with other professionals right here in the Triad who can help you in other areas of your financial lives. Estate planning, long-term care insurance, real estate transactions, mortgage refinancing, and home equity loans are all areas requiring professional assistance, and we are happy to help with introductions. We will also meet with you and those other professionals as needed to make sure all your advisors are on the same page with your goals.

As your life changes, we appreciate the opportunity to be with you… whether you’re still trying to pull ahead on the leash, or you’re relaxing in the wagon enjoying the scenery.