Radio Fairy

header-logoWith very few exceptions I would have to say each of my days here at HMC Partners are great days. They are filled with appointments and reviews with existing clients and new prospects. There is steady interaction with our great staff and there are plenty of opportunities and ways to check in with the market place. Last week, Tuesday was an exceptionally good day for both me and Gib, not just because of the people I previously mentioned, but because on one special appointment.

For those of you that work with us and who have known us over the last 20 years, I believe you would agree that we have tried a lot of different ways to communicate with you. We have used the print media, TV media, seminars, internet, Social Media, and list can go on. However, I believe Gib and I would say that one of our most enjoyable forms of communicating, and personally rewarding for a whole host of reasons, was our Radio Show, Money Matters, on WSJS. The satisfaction provided by long days and hard work allowed us to watch the show grow both in popularity and success in the community. The fun time each of us had on-air sometimes clowning around, but all the time trying to provide important financial information that you can use was our goal.

When the show ended several years ago, because of the station’s management’s decision to go to “national programming “instead of local programming, we accepted change, were sadden, but moved on. However, deep in both our hearts and minds Gib and I would share with you that we both believed local radio still had a place and local good programs provide a value.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have recently had a visit from a “radio fairy” and that fairy has shared with us that radio owners are now rethinking that “National Only Programming” and realizing the value and strength of programming local shows can provide. Guess what? In making this rebuilding effort, WSJS as come to us and said “Let’s get Money Matters, back on the air.” That is right we are BACK! The ink is still wet and details will unfold, but starting in late-October, Money Matters will be back on Thursday mornings from 9:00-10:00 am. Local WSJS talent “JR” will kick the show off and contribute if he desires, but allow me and Gib to manage the hour with your good and exciting Money Matter calls.

Because of 2013 WSJS programming schedules, we will be on every other week starting in late October through December. But starting in January, we will be on each and every week, Thursday mornings 9:00 - 10:00 am

We have met with the new Sales Manager, Becky Gilreath, and our long-time friend, sale associate Steve Fowler. Both have said and demonstrated to me and Gib that WSJS is here to stay and want to rebuild the success of local programming. Both have shown us their dedication to making Money Matters great and their willingness to work with us to make it even better.

Life is full of unknowns, but sometimes things circle back around for a reason. We believe this is one of those times and we are THRILLED and EXCITED about the opportunity! Hard work is ahead and we will all need to spread the word, but thanks to a “Radio Fairy,” you, our listening audience, our great clients, and WSJS. We look forward to being LIVE and ON THE AIR. WE'RE BACK, STAY TUNED and TUNE IN to 600 am WSJS !


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