handshakeThroughout life we build relationships with people. Some relationships we have are temporary, but some we carry with us throughout life. Relationships shape us to be the people we are today. They cause us to see who we want to be like and who we don’t. Some relationships lead us to opportunity, the ability to achieve our goals, and give us hope for a future we never imagined. It makes you wonder with so many people in this world, how you cross paths with certain individuals? In 2008, I met John Hardy and Gib McEachran. It is kind of funny because I met them both at the same time in life just at different moments. It was weeks before I put the two together as business partners/friends. But once I made the connection, it made perfect sense. Two completely different people I will say!

In February 2013, I came to work at HMC Partners. It has been one of the best career decisions I have made! I honestly never thought they were going to hire me. I interviewed many times with them, had many lunches, and exchanged many emails. I actually went through the interview process with them two different times over a course of three years. The timing just wasn’t right for any of us. In 2010, I was made a promise that one day I would have a seat with them at HMC Partners. I trusted their words and believed that one day the time would come.

For whatever reason, at my former job, I crossed paths with John and Gib and a relationship was built between us. Today, I have the ability to grow in a career and have more opportunity than before. In the next few months, I will be studying to obtain my Series 7 securities registration. This will be one of the hardest tests I will have ever taken. I am looking forward to learning the material; it is the test that will be challenging! This opportunity for me was built because of a relationship with them. They had trust in my ability to work for their company, and I won’t let them down.

I come to work every day with a mindset that Gib, John, Kathy, and Diane are my work family. We spend more than forty hours a week together, we talk about our families, our lives, our experiences, and what is important to each other. They have all helped me come into a new job, with a smile and not held back from training me. They have answered my questions and shown me things I need to know in order to advance daily in my career. In such a short amount of time of being with HMC Partners, I have a built a different kind of relationship with each of them. It makes coming to work a joy when you work around people you like!

I have many different relationships with many different people. I hope that one day; I will have a relationship with you, our clients. So far, I have enjoyed every client I have met. Thank you for your kindness and being so welcoming to me as a new employee. I look forward to getting to know you in the near future!

On a serious note, think about what relationships are important in your life? Why not let your family and friends build a relationship with us? Come be a part of our HMC Family, I know I am glad I did!!


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