Rolling Thunder

I have been asked by the staff to write my blog this time about something personal I have undertaken. The staff would let you know of all of us who write blogs, I find it the most challenging. Not because I am at a loss for words or do not want to share my ideas with you, but I must admit this medium as a form of communication misses out so much on the personal relationship that I do so enjoy. But it is my time and I do not want to disappoint them, and as a great Memphis editor I know has said, “Boy, the deadline is here and the copy is DUE!”

I grew up in a family where my dear mother, who I am sure is shaking her finger at me right now from heaven above, forbid this. I really do not think my recent purchase is in rebellion to those rules, nor do I believe it is some midlife crisis that I am experiencing.  But, what I am getting ready to share with you is what I know and believe is a fulfillment of a dream and desire I wanted to achieve for myself.

“Ok, John what did you do?” I know you are asking. Two years ago my brother, Jim, sold me his 1100 V-Star, and I said if I like it and became good at it, then when I turn 55 I would buy myself what I really wanted a….

Well, some of you might know what I am talking about but let’s go on a get it out there. I am a 4 week old proud poppa of a 2012 Ultra Road Glide Harley Davidson. Yep, a HOG! Big one too! I got the works, radio, disc brakes, great seat to ride “bitch” (that’s motorcycle talk for a passenger), CB radio, leather gloves, and a helmet with lighting bolts.

Now before you wonder if I have just gone off the deep end let me say for me safety is the KEY! I have promised Christy no night riding and no riding in the rain if I can avoid it. I have taken a safety course and am looking for an advanced course to take. I ride with several friends, I call them my “gang,” and we are really careful. I know accidents happen, but we will be as careful as possible.

But you know what? I love it. The sound, the wind, the new friends I am making, and this beautiful community I am seeing. I cannot tell you how good it feels to have set a goal, set a course of action, work on it, and then act upon it. The desire to do something that even as a boy I always wanted to do and experience it with others, for me, has been a great reward.

Call it a bucket list kind of thing. If this blog as any value for others it is this, you are never too old to have a dream. You are never too old or too set in your ways to try something new and different. We all should have dreams and continue to add to them and work on them. Set a goal for something new that you want to do. Start a new journey. I did and it feels great. I really do look forward to the experiences that lie ahead.

Just an ending request for you out there if you have a bike and want to ride together, let’s do it! For my clients, well do not be surprised if on a pretty day for a review you just might hear the rolling thunder coming your way.

Be Safe and have a good summer!