Show Some Love

Love-Hearts-Valentines-DayAhhh it is that time again. Stores are filled everything red, pink, and purple and shaped like a heart. Florists are prepping for their busiest day of the year. Restaurants are making their limited and slightly higher priced “special love menus” for the multitude of guests who will dig deep into their pockets to show how much they love their one true love. Card stores are stocked with their most sentimental messages. Yes, you guessed it... Valentine’s Day. Not to sound cynical because I do believe in love and believe very much in BEING in love, but I have issues with people forcing you one day of the year to show your feelings. I believe you should show it every day… not just because Hallmark and a calendar tells you to. With all that being said, I did some research into the History of Valentine’s Day and found some interesting facts that I wonder if you knew, courtesy of The History Channel.

Did you know?

• More than 62% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending Greeting Cards and Flowers, giving candy, going out to a romantic dinner, or all three? • The first written Valentine's Greetings appeared in the 15th Century. • The first mass produced holiday cards started in the 1840s. • Today an estimated $1 Billion (yes with a B) Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year. That is the second most cards sent for any holiday except Christmas. • More than 35 Million boxes of heart shaped chocolate are sold. • More than 220 Million roses are produced for the holiday. • Americans spend almost $20 Billion on Valentine’s Day or an average of $130 per person. • Nearly 6 Million couples get engaged on February 14th.

So where do you fall in that mix? Are you a hopeless romantic who spends weeks planning a special dinner or evening out on the town? Do you wander the aisles of the card stores looking for that exact card the most perfectly expresses your inner most feeling? Or do you run out on your lunch break on February 14th hoping there is still a card and a box of candy somewhere to be found?

Typically in my house we spend a nice night at home for Valentine’s Day cooking dinner together. We don’t “buy” into going to a crowded restaurant or splurge on flowers and candy. We typically just enjoy our time together. However, this year, we are doing things just a little differently. This is how I know without a doubt that my husband really does love me. Instead of our quiet evening at home, he has agreed to spend Valentine’s Day getting up VERY early in the morning so that we can line up at 6:30 am with a few friends and several thousand strangers to run the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon. For me this is fabulous! I get to run (which I totally love) with the man I love. The only thing that could make this better would be if our dog, Steeler, could run the race with us, but unfortunately there are no dogs allowed.

So whether you are living it up, taking it slow, or running 13.1 miles (I know so many of you want to), I hope you do take some time to tell those in your life who are special to you that you love them. Life is too short, and forced holiday or not, take a moment to show some love!