So You Say It’s Your Birthday…

bday cakeYou may know that we write our blogs in advance so that the good folks in our compliance department at LPL Financial can review them first to make sure we don’t say anything we shouldn't say. So, as I sit and write this today, it is our very own Diane Parmele's birthday. Diane, as many of you know, is one of the key and very important people within our HMC family. She started out today with roses sent from her hubby, Russ, a Boston Fern given to her from the office, lunch with the whole office crew, and a big fold out card. I just love a big fold out card! Well, I would say it was a pretty good day for Diane, and she deserves it. But, this really made me think tomorrow is some ones else’s birthday, and so is the next day, and next day, and probably every day is somebody’s birthday.

So what difference did it really make for Diane for us to take some time out to honor her? What difference does it really make to anyone to take the time to visit, share a call, a card, or go and blow out candles on a day that society says you are getting “OLDER”?

I am not going to speak for Diane, but I will share with you that for me, the brief hour our office gathered together, kidded one another, found out things about each other’s lives, laughed, and shared a meal added quality to my day. For this brief moment, Diane’s birthday gave us a chance to focus on one another and say to a special person you mean a lot to us, but really more importantly we, as a group of six, mean a lot to each other.

So I am guessing that the card you might send, the call you make, or even going by with something sweet and sharing a bit of time really makes a difference, birthday or not.

This year, let’s all see if we can do something for someone else. We may never know what that action really means, but I just cannot help to think that giving to others in some way will make a difference. Let’s all write that note, make that call, spend that needed time for a visit, and in some little way say “You’re important to me!”

By the way, Diane says she is 27. Funny thing: that is what she said last year too!