Technology Training On Demand

learnIf you read our blog entry a few weeks back titled “Feedback in ’15” then you know of some of the exciting things we have going on at HMC! One of those is the return of Technology Tuesdays. So what is a Technology Tuesday? If you’ve been a client of ours for a while you may remember that we had a program where on the second Tuesday of the month you could schedule a time to come to our office to get one-on-one personalized computer instruction. We had a few clients who took advantage of this program and really enjoyed the training!

We have found that offering this on only one Tuesday per month was just not enough for our clients. Many times there were conflicting meeting and clients just couldn’t make it on the second Tuesday of the month.

Here’s what we have decided to do. Instead of “Technology Tuesdays,” we are now offering Technology Training On Demand! That’s right, any day of the week, Monday – Friday, if you’d like to have help with Technology then we are here to help! Sessions will still be one-on-one and personalized to what you would like to learn. We can teach you how to view your accounts through LPL Account View. We can teach you how to use Social Media, including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more!

So what is the process?

• Technology Training On Demand is only available by appointment! You can call our office at 336-544-6800 and schedule a time to sit down with for a one-hour personalized session. • When you schedule your appointment tell us what topic you’d like to learn. • During your session if you have a laptop or tablet that you typically use, you can bring that with you. We find it’s always better to practice on a computer that you are comfortable using. • You’ll need to know you email password.

At this point, Technology Training On Demand is only available in our Greensboro office. Sorry for any inconvenience for our Winston-Salem clients.

We are excited to help you better understand technology and the options that are available to you!



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