Things I am Just So Done With

no moreAs tanks rolled into Ukraine, NBC “The Today Show” felt compelled to lead with a “Special Today” live from Los Angles reporting on the Emmy’s. There were Al Rocker and the vapid Kathy Lee breathless about who they had met on the red carpet the night before and who was the most stylish. Meanwhile, a sovereign nation was just invaded in a 1950’s Soviet-style take over. I will not be the first to rant about the misguided regard we Americans place on celebrities and the infamous. No…the shallow end of the gene pool seems to deepen with each passing day as networks focus on plastic people and unreal reality shows with scripts seemingly written by the same talent writing for Vince McMahon and the WWF.

Newspapers are written at 6th grade levels as the reader continues to dummy himself down. To say that articles are today written at the “The Weekly Reader” level of my middle school years is an insult to “The Weekly Reader” of the past. So I felt inspired to list a few more things I just so done with and hope to see go the way of the Doo-Doo bird:

1. Justin Bieber-Take him back “Oh Canada” and let his train wreck on your beautiful soil.

2. Over-paid, felonious athletes holding out for more money in order to “feed their families.”

3. The very same athlete filing for bankruptcy 3 years after feeding their families with too many, over stuffed houses adored with seven, six figure sticker priced automobiles.

4. Actors dying “tragically” from self-sustained addictions. Tragic deaths come in the form young children dying from cancer after heroic battles waged for most of their lives not from self-indulgent actors found with needles sticking out of their arms.

5. Our wounded warriors coming home maimed physically and emotionally forgotten by the government that sent them on their six tours.

6. One and done basketball players making a mockery of college basketball’s “student athlete”. Let them go straight from high school and start earning their livings so we can have teams with player sustainability.

7. A system of government that rewards the weak and lazy and allows our law makers to have infinite abilities to be re-elected to reward the weak and lazy.

8. Paying additional taxes for a healthcare system I don’t use and no one (especially the writers of the law) understands.

9. Panhandlers being given legitimacy by having a license to beg.

10. Finally…I am so done with “Hope and Change.” Hope is always a losing strategy and we’ve seen what change will do.

I am sure I am missing some very obvious “pains in my Gluteus Maximus” and yours. Let us know some of yours and we’ll add them to a future “I am so done with.”

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