You Think You’re Ready to Retire???

Flyfishing the MountainsA funny thing happened on the way to your retirement. Here you are after 50+ years of hard day-in day-out grind of work and you are ready to just kick back start a day without a tie or schedule and your better half says “wait a minute you aren’t just going to stay around here are you?” Yes sir, believe it or not some of our wives or husbands are really concerned with what this new world will be like when you invade their routine and start apply those High Type A skills to directing the home front.

Some of you can be heard right now saying ‘‘well this is complete what is next?” “Why do you do it this ways verse that way?” “Wouldn’t it be more efficient and faster if we did it first like this?” “Is this really necessary?”

As we help people get ready for their retirement with income and asset planning it is really interesting to see the dynamics play out between the hard charging worker bee and the nesting stay at home and keep everything together other half. Do not misunderstand, we are not seeing retirement dates break up a long and loving marriages, but I have seen and heard questions wanting assurance that the new retiree has a plan and something to get plugged into without being dependent on a “honey do” list.

That brings me to my point. The healthiest retirement plans we are seeing are ones that have little to no debt. The couple’s living standards are within a comfortable and reasonable budget based on their assets. The retiree is active; he/she is going back to school. He/she has an exercise plan. Bad habits are dropped and knew ones are formed. There is a thirst and excitement for new events, hobbies, and people. Each partners looks for ways to build upon those important relationships.

It seems to me retirement is truly not the time to stop learning or living life to the fullest. It is the chance to get reconnected with yourself and others that are important to you. It is a chance to share that wealth of knowledge and skills you so developed. It is a great time to help someone else and give back to your family, your friends, your community. It is the time to keep on living large.

So as you get ready for your next stage in life called retirement, let me suggest that you and your love ones talk it through, discuss both dreams and worries BUT let’s make a plan.

Enjoy, you deserve it!



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