True Friends & Ice Cream

FriendsRecently Tom Brokaw announced the news he is battling cancer. While it’s never good to hear this type of news, I was impressed by the optimism in his announcement. In his statement released by NBC, he said “with the exceptional support of my family, medical team and friends, I am very optimistic about the future and look forward to continuing my life, my work, and adventures still to come.”1 He went on to state that “I remain the luckiest guy I know.”1 I also heard a short radio spot while listening to KFAN sports radio where he discussed how to talk to a friend who has cancer. CLICK HERE to hear his story.2  He provides some really helpful advice! After hearing this news and his comments, my thoughts are not so much on his disease, but on his statement which made me stop and reflect on something I would like to share. In a quiet moment I began to reflect on friendships. Now, so I do not get in trouble, I will be the first to say my spouse is my best friend. I value everything about Christy and I truly know we are a team. Additionally, I am fortunate to have a strong family system with wonderful children, brothers, and a living father who are great family and friends.

But, my thoughts focused on three fellows who I know would do anything for me if asked. Each always shares a laugh, enjoys so many different things, and has become my strongest pillars of support. I am blessed to be able to say my partner, Gib McEachran, lifelong friend, Fred Berry, and fellow seeker of new ideas and places, Tim Templeton, are three individuals who I am grateful are my dearest friends.

I could fill pages of things we have done together. Places we have gone, laughs and even tears we have shared, but through each of our journeys with one another there remains a true sense of trust and appreciation for each other. My point in sharing with you is two-fold. One, I want you to know how lucky I feel and how I believe this gives full quality to my life. When times gets tough I know I have a support system that can help guide, encourage, and direct me for the good of all. Life hands out a lot of rewards, but also has its challenges. Like many people, I am faced with tough times both in business and personal life. What I have come to understand is in both good times or bad, my friends are there to support and encourage me along the way. My great friends are also terrific adventurers each with their own way of enjoying different interests. We are truly experiencing our 50’s with a level of excitement and a sense of growing together.

My second reason was to ask you, “Do you have such a friend or friends?” I hope that the answer is “YES!” I also hope you will share with that person a statement of thanks. Give them a hug, buy them a beer, a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee, but take some time and just tell them know what they really mean to you. I believe it will make a difference.

For those that sadly say you do not. My heart goes out to you, but I am a glass half full guy. Take it upon yourself to become a friend to someone over the next year so you too will have the opportunity to experience the appreciation I have for my friends.

Hope this wasn’t too personal, but just wanted to reach out. And, I liked Tom’s idea about the quarts of ice-cream!

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to prove specific advice or recommendations for any individual.
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