What's Happening at HMC?

Update_4533291_lrgHello from the Marketing, Technology, and Operations side of our office! While I do have a big half marathon coming up, and I am currently leading the HMC team in our daily Jeopardy challenge (skunking them actually), that’s not what I wanted to write about today. We have had some exciting things happening at HMC and I thought I’d provide an update for you! Account View Update:

Before you say it, trust me, we know! Account View has been a major frustration for all of us. I talk to on average 2 clients per day, every day with issues relating to account view. While LPL Financial had delayed the release of their new and improved Account View (which was originally scheduled to be released in May 2013) to early fall 2013, don’t give up hope! The new tool is coming and it is going to be so much better! You will be able to view your accounts in ALL internet browsers, on iPads and tablets, and on smart phones. LPL Financial has brought in an expert from Dell to overhaul the Technology department and we are excited to see great things from him. The delay in the new release of Account View is disappointing, but LPL Financial just wants to make sure when they release it, that it is RIGHT! They don’t want to release anything to the public and then have it fail. So, while the wait will still be a little longer, don’t give up hope! The new system is coming!

Technology Tuesdays:

Are you at a point where you want to learn more about Social Media and how to use the computer, but don’t know where to start? We are still offering our Technology Tuesdays! In fact, better than that – our new/improved system is Technology Training on Demand! What does this mean? It means we know you are not always able to meet during a lunch hour on Tuesdays, so we want to be available at a time that works for you! If you would like some one-on-one training on how to get emerged in the world of social media, give me a call! I will be happy to set up an appointment time in our Greensboro office to sit down with you and help you get set up!

Our Growing Team:

First, if you visit our Greensboro office or give us a call you will notice our newest member of the HMC Team. Kelly Fisher joined us as our full-time Administrative Coordinator in February of this year. She comes to us with a great background in banking and has quickly fit right in! It has taken a very short-time to get Kelly completely up to speed and become a key member of our staff. She has been very eager to learn and has made great progress.

So far the only flaw that we have really found with Kelly, is that she is not a dog owner. Shocking, I know! We’ve told her that it is okay, and we understand, for now. As long as she has a dog in time for next year’s Christmas card, we shouldn’t have a problem!

Woof, Woof:

To continue on theme of Kelly and dogs, you may remember reading my blog titled, “What kind of Dog Would You Be?” This was a blog where we took each member of the HMC Family and compared us to the dog breed we would most likely be if we were each a dog. As your very own Border Collie, I thought it was very important that we assign the perfect dog breed for Kelly.golden retriever

After some thought I realized there is only one answer. Kelly is definitely our Golden Retriever! Golden retrievers are loaded with confidence and good vibes. They are not particularly aggressive, territorial, manipulative or destructive. Not the best guard dogs, Golden Retrievers are friendly and wide-eyed with strangers. But, they have been known to bark once or twice when someone comes to the door, or of course offer you something to drink while you wait to meet with Gib or John. Golden Retrievers love tasks and challenges and have been willing to take on anything we throw at her…errr… I mean them. They are also quick learners and eager to please. But, keep in mind: Goldens will keep going until they collapse. We will be sure to monitor her fatigue levels, whether hunting, retrieving, setting appointments, preparing meeting materials, or performing obedience trials. Never the types to fixate on a single person, Goldens get along with the whole family and are especially patient and outgoing with children. Yeah, we think that fits Kelly just perfect!


So that’s it… an update from “my” side of the office.  As always if you have any questions or anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to give our office a call and we’ll be happy to help you. Also, if you know have friends or family who are not happy with their current advisor or are just looking for a second opinion on their investments, Gib or John would be happy to meet with them for a no cost, no obligation consultation. Just call Kelly and she’ll be happy to set it up!


*information on golden retrievers provide by dogster.com