What’s in store for year end?

Santa-Claus-Christmas-Store1Have you been to the stores recently? Christmas decorations are already out in full force and pre-black Friday sales are already starting to pop up… and we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet! With all of this you can’t escape knowing that with only about 45 days left in this year, we are fast approaching 2015. Already we have begun to think of what next year’s investment world will hold and look like, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves let’s finish this year.

We believe we are still on track and believe the market will end up will a late year rally. Not sure the size yet, but up from current levels. We believe small caps and mid-caps are poised to rally, possibly leading the way towards year-end. However, we still feel it is positive to be over-weighted in large cap dividend sectors as these areas have been servicing us well.

Both technology and health care are moving nicely towards year-end and real-estate still benefits from low interest rates. Energy has taken it on the chin in the last 30 days, but we have talked to many of our clients who are asking is this a buying opportunity?

As we continue to review the holdings and accounts for our clients, we still believe for those who can tolerate the increase level of risk, it is worth having the discussion regarding an increasing equity levels in portfolios. Again, only if you are okay with the level of risk.

Let me assure you again that risk is now a key function of investing. Goals and risk tolerance needs to be discussed and established. Our “Riskalyze” software is helping those who have tried it to establish a personal risk comfort level. If you have not tried it yet go on the website (www.hmc-partners.com) and click from the home page to take our free, no obligation risk analysis! If you have friends who are concerned about their risk level, and if they are invested in line with that risk, they can take the short questionnaire online too and we’ll be happy to do an free, no obligation analysis for them as well. It’s easy – just a click away!

For now we are focused finishing out this year and thinking about all our clients for the following year. Have a great holiday season, try the Riskalyze, and thanks to all for helping make this a great year!



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