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Today, we celebrate Julia Blackwell, our Client Services Associate, who is becoming a US citizen. Julia explains her journey of attaining citizenship. Congratulations, Julia!

Market update | 02.29.2024

Recent Fed minutes have reconfirmed the Fed is slowing down a bit. Nvidia exceeded its earnings and expects even better returns next quarter. The market reacted. Despite all these changes, there is still an opportunity to grow.

Market update | 02.22.2024

This week received some hot information, but not in the best way. Producer Price Index (PPI) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) went up since December and are similar to what they were a year ago. Will interest rates increase again?

Market update | 02.16.2024

Ej talks about what happens at the beginning of the month, the importance of the 7th and the strategies that we must take into account for what is coming. Also, remember, the Super Bowl is coming up!

Market update | 02.09.2024

They say that the market follows January's market. January was a rollercoaster. So we will see how the year will pan out. There is a lot of data and a lot of movement. We continue our slow movement back into the market. We'll take a step back for February, reevaluate, and then work our way back in.

Market update | 02.02.2024

Fourth-quarter numbers have been rolling in, and they're looking great. Now we're in earnings season. Considering how unpredictable last year was, we believe the best path now is slow and steady back into the market.

Market update | 01.25.2024

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