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Proactive money management for changing market conditions.

We are driven to provide competitive results with appropriate risk for each of our clients while customizing their investment strategy to fit their individual needs.

Over 75 years of experience managing assets

Over 75 years of experience managing assets

At HMC Partners, we manage long-term strategies for portfolios through short-term modifications to help clients stay on target with their overall goals. Over the years, we have managed portfolios through market bubbles, economic booms, recessions, and everything in between. Our broad experience and dedication to active monitoring allows us to give our clients’ investments the attention they need and deserve through a variety of market conditions. HMC’s commitment to provide ongoing and nimble money management, frequent client communications, convenient technology, and customized service sets us apart from other money mangers.

Backed by expert research and insights

Backed by expert research and insights

We use a variety of industry market and economic data resources in our asset management process. We leverage our collective research and experience to build risk-adjusted portfolios for our clients’ needs.

HMC clients have access to asset management based on our proactive, research-driven investment discipline. Our clients are never in the dark on what is happening with their money. We regularly update our clients on key observations we are making about the markets in addition to providing 24-hour online access to their accounts.

Utilize our professional team to:

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Are your investments truly diversified?
HMC utilizes a broad range of assets to build your risk-adjusted portfolio.

Start with an analysis of your investments and goals

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We are able to fulfill our strategic process with our reputable resources. Through
Cetera, HMC has partnered with many industry leaders, including Pershing LLC to custody brokerage accounts. Pershing is a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, which is the nation’s oldest continuously operating bank and one of the world’s leading providers of securities services. Cetera Investment Management provides investment expertise in the form of tools and insights that can help us deliver advice that best meets your needs, including:

Client Centered

  • In-depth market perspectives

  • Timely economic insights

  • Asset allocation guidance

  • Money manager recommendations

  • Model portfolios

  • Performance monitoring tools

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About Cetera® Investment Management
Cetera Investment Management LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser owned by Cetera Financial Group®. Cetera Investment Management provides market perspectives, portfolio guidance, model management, and other investment advice to its affi liated broker-dealers, dually registered broker-dealers and registered investment
advisers. For more information, please reference the Cetera Investment Management LLC Form ADV disclosure brochure.